Volunteers are the lifeline of our community based organisation. They help in so many ways, and most importantly, they tie us to the community so the feedback of service delivery can be immediate and relevant.

Maybe you have thought about getting involved, and are unsure where to start. There maybe something where you can make a contribution.

We can assist with training and we will reimburse for out-of pocket expenses. Please don’t hesitate to contact GCS. We will send an application, and look to match your interests with a program.



  • Assist in setting up equipment
  • Interact with parents and children so they enjoy the program
  • Be involved in program activities include craft, outdoor playground, construction equipment, home corner, storytime
  • Coffee time and kitchen duties
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative tasks – attendance records etc
  • Session ends with songs and action activities
  • Assist in putting away equipment

Ability to relate to young children and their families


Toy Library

  • Assist in lending equipment through computer system
  • Assist in ensuring equipment and toys are safe and ready for borrowing
  • Repair toys and equipment
  • Assist with fundraising activities

Ability to relate to young children and their families



  • To carry out the tasks assigned to them on the day by the Coordinator.
  • To assist people in the various activities during the event.
  • To be punctual and to treat people in a polite and courteous manner.
  • To carry out duties in a professional manner and seek information, assistance and support when necessary from the Coordinator.
  • Ensure all administration responsibilities are observed.
  • Notify the Coordinator as soon as possible if unable to attend on the day.
  • Attend relevant training sessions.


  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • ·Good communication and listening skills.
  • Ability to follow direction and work with limited supervision
  • Ability to relate with a wide range of people
  • ·Sense of humour and a friendly disposition.
  • Able to ask for help.
  • Current National Police Clearance – essential.

Board of Management

  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Keep aware of local issues
  • Contribute to strategic planning and program evaluation
  • Promote and market the organisation and its programs.
  • Develop the relationship between GCS and strategic partners
  • Attend community events and contribute to fundraising efforts
  • Develop and review policies and processes
  • Support the Centre Coordinator

Awareness of community development ethos. Knowledge of organisational structures. Ability for critical thinking and analysis. Good communication skills.



  • Assist with Photocopying
  • Assist with simple typing and calculations
  • Assist with display areas
  • Assist with phones and answering queries

Knowledge of office procedures. Experience in using computers: Word, Excel, Publisher Knowledge of Customer Service techniques. Good communication skills. Adaptable to different situations.