Our Vision

To provide the opportunity for every person to enjoy life to the fullest and to connect with their community.


Our Mission

We will provide services, programs, information and connections that empower people to grow and enrich their lives.


Our Strategic Goal

Empower people to grow and enrich their lives by providing services, programs and information that is relevant and meets the individual and or community’s needs.

Build and nurture partnerships with other organisations that achieve mutual and enriching outcomes for all parties.

Ensure Goodwood Community Services Inc. is fit for purpose by maintaining the principles of good governance; accountability, transparency, integrity, leadership, co-operation and social equity.

Build and maintain a culture in which employees and volunteers are encouraged, challenged and supported to grow, perform and shine in a safe environment.


We Value

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Passion
  • Humour
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Equality, and
  • Kindness


Goodwood Community Services Inc (GCS) had its origins in, and around the Goodwood Primary School in the 1970’s.

Urban regeneration was yet to hit this inner suburban area: families were not considered wealthy or even aspirational. There was a range of services in place to assist the community which had a high proportion of people from non English speaking backgrounds. However these services were somewhat fragmented.

A group of people active in the community, including local residents, school and kindergarten parents, staff and the local community health nurse were instrumental in formalising the body that became Goodwood Community Services, which was incorporated on 31 August 1978.

The programs and services offered then reflected the needs of the community – programs around early childhood and parenting. Tilbrook House Child Care was one of those early programs, together with the Toy Library, Staines Child Development Program, Playgroup and Kindergym

As the surrounding areas have become more affluent the emphasis on need has turned to the well-being of the elderly, and GCS attracts Home and Community Care funding. However many of those original programs still exist although in a somewhat different format. Tilbrook Child Care for instance is now an independently run centre, but the core values of a community-based facility still remain.

Goodwood Community Services moved to new premises in 2000 to the Goodwood Community Centre, a modern facility built and owned by the City of Unley. Indeed the collaboration with the local council has been pivotal in assisting this community based organisation to meet the increasing demands of management and service delivery.

We are sited within a vibrant and busy neighbourhood, and current strategic directions include working more closely with both the Goodwood Library and the Goodwood Traders to continue to enhance and diversify the programs and services for the benefit of many.

With more than 30 years of history, GCS has had many partners to achieve its goals. They include State and Federal government bodies, as well as other non-government agencies, service clubs and private individuals.

However the success of Goodwood Community Services would not have been possible without you, the community. Firstly the people who have volunteered with enthusiasm and dedication in the programs and contributed to the management structure so that the organisation continues to be vital, responsive and adaptable. Secondly the participants of our program who give us great feedback, and through their interactions make this local area of Goodwood a dynamic and welcoming place to live, work and play.